i Living App

iLA, which stands for ‘ Inspired Living Application ‘ is Getting Ready to Launch !

You are in the unique place of being among the first to discover a new, cutting edge mobile application…  iLA (Inspired Living Application, or ilivingapp) is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible for the average every day person to profit from the exploding application industry.

The application itself is a weekly series of various professionally produced videos ranging from Goal setting to Time management, Personal, Business, and Leadership development to Financial management, as well as Personal motivation, and more…accessible right on a person’s mobile device.  These are also available via the web but in limited fashion.  These will also be archived so they will be readily available anytime someone wants to review previous content.

But, what makes iLA even more exciting is the opportunity for the average person to earn a substantial income from this one-of-a kind application… the ilivingapp !

iLA is counting down to pre-launch.  Until then, you can …

… learn about the company….

…sign up for FREE …

…discover how the compensation works = VERY exciting !

…and…most importantly…

JOIN to reserve your spot in the ‘Forced Matrix’ System

“What is a  ’Forced Matrix’ System?” you may ask…

...iLA uses a 3X7 Forced Matrix system which means that every member or associate can have 3 and ONLY 3 members direct to them.  After that, whoever comes into the company – whether sponsored by them or someone in their upline - MUST go into the next level ( forced ) that has a ‘spot’ open, meaning only 1 or 2 presently in their direct down line…and so on.  See below and then  click HERE  or the Compensation plan tab above for further explanation. So, those who are in could very possibly not sponsor anyone directly and have their matrix filled in this fashion with the ilivingapp...it will just take much longer than those who actually do sponsor associates.

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